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A+ Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab in Hartford opened its doors in 2004 and has been a trusted treatment facility ever since. With the use of medications, therapies, and life classes about eating right and daily exercise, we hope to help every patient succeed and move forward in their recovery process.

The abuse of alcohol and drugs together has been a dangerous combination for a very long time, and the cause of many deaths by overdose. Our concern is to help patients move away from these substances of abuse and toward better coping habits and lifestyle changes. Addiction can truly begin to control your life, and once you decide that you are ready for it to stop, you have made a step in your progress. And while you may fall along the way, continuing on this journey is the best thing you can do for yourself.

We at A+ Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab want to help patients who have not been able to find a successful treatment for their addictions. While it can seem impossible to do so, remembering that recovery is an ongoing process and that you must continue to change your treatments as they reflect you is extremely important. There is a possibility that many different issues could be involved in your addiction, including mental disorders, so recognizing this can make much of the process and easier and more comprehensible. Attending alcohol and drug addiction treatment isn't always a once-in-a-lifetime process, and continuing your rehab will only help strengthen your resolve and recovery skills.

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