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A+ Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab in New Haven has been helping patients with substance use disorders since 2003. When mutual help groups were once the sole treatment option for addicted individuals, the advancements in medical treatments have since reached new levels. Not only are there many more treatment options than before, but you as the patient can work with your physician to create a personalized treatment plan that is right for you.

Medications, behavioral counseling, group therapy, and family therapy are all part of our treatment options, as well as a patient's opportunity to attend nutrition and exercise classes that will help them build better habits for their recovery. At A+ Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab in New Haven, we believe that the patient's treatment plan should reflect their needs and that treatments should be adjusted to the changing needs of the patient.

Alcohol is one of the oldest and most persistent addictions and can often be coupled with the abuse of illicit and prescription drugs. These two risks together can make life dangerous and unstable for an individual, and formal treatment should be considered. While many treatments have been used over time, the combination of medication and counseling currently has the strongest research and recovery rating of any past treatment. And at our facility, we will help you find the treatment regimen that is fit to your needs, addiction-related or not. If you are ready to change your life and leave addiction behind, call us now.

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