A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in New Britain

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Our outpatient treatment center provides counseling and therapy to patients who suffer from a wide range of substance use disorders including alcoholism, prescription drug addiction and various addictions to illicit drugs. We help families, friends and those suffering from addiction to heal, regroup and rebuild their lives. A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in New Britain is dedicated to assisting patients in the recovery process.

We provide patients with effective treatment including detox, medical monitoring, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, support groups, 12-step treatment and both individual and group counseling. Our clients are happier, healthier and more prepared for the obstacles that come their way in recovery. Through both 12-step and non-12-step approaches to therapeutic care and healing, A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in New Britain provides a stepping stone along the path to sobriety.

Recovery is important to us - that's why we help our clients by offering an array of tools to support the process of overcoming substance abuse and preparing for sober living. We believe that recovery starts with abstinence, but it is only continued when relapse prevention and supportive measures are instilled to help the patient stay on the right path. Our center focuses on helping patients to heal physically, psychologically, emotionally & spiritually so that they can enjoy life, without drugs or alcohol.

When addiction strikes, restoring balance and faith in recovery is the most important step one can take towards healing. Our center helps patients heal so that they can put addiction behind them and move forward with their recovery goals.

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