A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Putnam

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Helping individuals and their families to overcome the struggles of addiction to drugs or alcohol is the primary goal and purpose of A Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Putnam. Our facility provides treatment to patients at various stages of the recovery process offering support, twelve-step therapy, relapse prevention, education and medical care as needed. Our programs are available in both residential and outpatient offerings allowing clients to take part in a treatment regimen that is most suitable to their individual needs.

We treat each person who comes to our facility in a caring, compassionate and understanding manner. Drug & alcohol addiction treatment programs are individually tailored to the unique needs of the patient with a focus on holistic healing techniques. Our approach is deeply rooted in the premise that recovery requires total body healing which includes monitoring the mind, body and spirit for opportunities for growth and recovery. Patients can take part in individual and group counseling sessions, support groups and an array of recovery themed activities that enrich and enlighten while effectively reducing the risk of future relapse.

Our services are delivered by licensed professionals with varied backgrounds. Specialists on site include licensed substance abuse counselors, psychiatrists, doctors, clinical case managers, spiritual counselors, fitness coaches, nutrition coaches, and licensed recovery coaches. We provide a full continuum of care that can accommodate the diverse needs of clients at various stages of the treatment and recovery process. While our focus is always on recovery and helping clients to heal, we do understand that every patient is unique and has very unique needs which often change throughout the healing process. We do our best to accommodate changing recovery needs while placing focus on long term sobriety.

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