Acclaimed Hartford Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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Sheldon Street

Hartford County County - Hartford, Connecticut 06106

Our clinically managed addiction treatment center features state of the art treatment methods that have been acclaimed by professionals throughout the industry. Through a series of assessment, mental health care, physical care and support, Acclaimed Hartford Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment helps patients to overcome the challenges associated with substance abuse and addiction. We offer medically managed detox that is very closely monitored by trained physicians and support staff who use combined methods of treatment which include both traditional and alternative techniques to help patients stabilize and feel at ease in the early stages of recovery.

Our goal is to manage addiction and support recovery through comprehensive assessment, medical care, alternative treatments, counseling and support. All of this takes place in our private, home-like facility which creates a sense of balance and comfort for patients during this most difficult time. At Acclaimed, patients are provided a safe, comfortable and fully accommodating environment that is conducive to recovery and healing. From lush grounds to cozy living spaces, our facility replicates many of the feelings of home into the day to day living environment so that patients can focus less on the discomforts of their surroundings and more on healing.

Recognizing that addiction touches every aspect of our lives, our treatment focuses on healing all aspects too. From spiritual guidance and emotional healing to strength building and relationship rehabilitation, Acclaimed Hartford Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment provides therapeutic opportunities on all levels to promote total wellness in recovery. Patients have access to a broad range of therapies and services including physical therapy, nutritional therapy, CBT, motivational interviewing, fitness, psychiatric care, alternative medicine, 12-step support and individual care.

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