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Currently in the United States, one of the most difficult problems we have facing addiction is that too many people go untreated. Of the 23.2 million individuals who needed treatment in 2007, only 10.4 percent received it. The numbers are still troubling today. Acclaimed Waterbury Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment wants to see that number change, and we hope that you will consider treatment with us if you are in need.

Addiction is not the type of problem a person can just shake off - it can sometimes take months of even years for someone to feel fully recovered from drug and alcohol addiction, and even then triggers and cravings can still surface at unknown times. This is why treatment is so important; patients can learn ways to fight these issues that linger as a part of addiction and continue to live their lives while doing so.

As an outpatient center that focuses on the 12 step program, the support group, and the sober lifestyle, we hope that all patients will someday be able to stop abusing drugs and alcohol for good. We understand that relapse is only a stumble on the way to recovery, not a failure, and we encourage patients to attend treatment in order to smooth out some of these issues and to make recovery safer. When you attend counseling at our facility, our wish is that you are able to take what is discussed and make real changes to your own life. Recovery is made in slow, steady steps, and we would like to help you through your journey.

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