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Addiction can be difficult to overcome, but with the right tools, anything is possible. Some of the best assets you have to aid you in your fight against your addiction are:

  1. Your support system (friends, family)
  2. Your motivations (why you want to change your life and be free of addiction)
  3. Your treatment facility of choice and its doctors, nurses, and therapists

Addiction Treatment Center in Manchester could be the facility that helps you on your way to recovery. With our dedicated team and strong treatment practices, we do believe that a person with any type of addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling, or otherwise) could benefit from our program. We believe that treatment is most successful when the patient is given a sufficient amount of time in the program and that, for the most part, longer treatment program participation is better. Our programs begin at 90 days, which is the start of the most effective treatment time window, and can go up to one year.

At Addiction Treatment Center in Manchester, we want patients to feel comfortable and to be reminded of the other assets that will help them toward recovery. Patients are encouraged to have friend and family visits and attend family or relationship therapy. They will also work in one-on-one behavioral therapy sessions that discuss their feelings and motivations at length, as well as strategies for coping in their new lives without drugs. We hope the patients that go through our program will build a foundation for their recovery which will last for years to come.

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