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Addiction Treatment Center in New London provides top-quality care with the most recent treatment options in order to help you through this most difficult time. It has always been our hope that patients who come to us feel comfortable, motivated, and informed as they spend their time at our facility. These are all important parts of the addiction treatment process.

At our facility, we keep patients informed by making them aware of and involved in their treatment plans while allowing them all possible options. For example, a person addicted to prescription opioids may choose buprenorphine, methadone, or naloxone as their medication treatment, or they may decide not to take on one of these options at all. The most important aspect is that they are aware and able to be involved in making the choice.

Comfortable patients are also patients who will do better in therapy, group, and will overall benefit from their treatment more. This is why we provide inpatient rooms and specific items at the patient's request. Motivated patients will also be more likely to attend their treatments and get more out of them, so keeping them engaged in treatment and in their overall recovery is key. At Addiction Treatment Center in New London, we do our absolute best to fulfill all of these needs.

In addition to options for your addiction treatment, we also offer social, legal, and health solutions to other issues you may be facing as a result of your drug or alcohol abuse. Comprehensive treatment can often be the most effective at keeping patients engaged in their recovery.

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