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Addiction is a devastating disease that is widely misunderstood. Our facility has been helping clients and their loved ones to take back control of their lives and become free from addiction for more than 10 years. Addiction Treatment Center in New Milford provides inpatient and outpatient treatment services to those suffering from alcoholism, heroin addiction, prescription drug use or other forms of illicit drug addiction. We help make recovery a reality for our patients through counseling, therapy, medical intervention, and supportive care.

Our relapse prevention programs form the foundation for long term recovery. Providing psychological and physical healing methods that range from cognitive behavioral therapy to medication maintenance and 12-step counseling and support, our facility boosts patient mood, stabilizes physical evidence of addiction and promotes total body wellness that can effectively improve recovery chances.

Much of the focus in our treatment programs relies upon cognitive therapy. This is an extremely helpful means of treatment for patients who suffer from a wide range of emotional effects associated with substance use and addiction; Cognitive therapy, especially CBT can help patients to overcome challenges associated with self-esteem, anxiety, phobias and fear, co-dependency and compulsive behaviors which are often at the root of a drug or alcohol use disorder.

Changing habits, healing from the inside out and preparing for a life of recovery starts at Addiction Treatment Center in New Milford - here, patients face the challenges of recovery head on because they know they have support and because they know that they are understood. Addiction doesn't have to be a misunderstood disease, and it doesn't have to be the end of the road, treatment can help!

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