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When a client makes the difficult decision to seek help, choosing the best treatment for their individual needs can be challenging. Addiction Treatment Center in Torrington is a leader in providing individualized care and support to those in need. Our treatment center provides patients with treatment for drug addiction, mental illness, alcoholism and physical side effects associated with addiction such as disease, depression or anxiety. Each patient is paired with a counselors and a mental health professional who will monitor his or her condition throughout the treatment and recovery process.

We don't expect patients to have a clear plan for recovery when they come to Addiction Treatment Center in Torrington, but we do expect them to understand their path when they leave. Most of our patients begin treatment with medically supervised detox in our facility which can take 3 to 7 days depending on the severity of the condition and the presence of underlying medical conditions. Following detox, our facility shifts treatment focus to a psychological approach that is centered around emotional healing through counseling and therapy.

Recovery is a long journey, but with help it becomes a memorable adventure. Our programs for addiction treatment help clients to establish the foundation for sober living and can make transitioning back into society a virtually seamless experience. Services provided in our residential treatment center include 12-step support, mental health counseling, individual counseling, group therapy, medical care and medication assisted detox. Most patients find that a combination approach works best in facilitating their recovery and long standing sobriety.

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