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Young adults suffering from drug or alcohol addiction face unique challenges in everyday life and in recovery too. Alcohol & Drug Addiction Fairfield provides substance abuse treatment with a multidisciplinary approach to care that helps young adults and their loved ones to overcome addiction, heal and regain a sense of stability in their lives. Our programs include residential treatment, outpatient support and aftercare which sets the stage for sober living.

Each client is assigned a family therapist who works closely with the patient and his or her loved ones to restore relationships, build trust and eradicate the burden left behind as a result of long standing addiction. Family therapy groups focus on individual issues pertaining to youth recovery and healing while placing a focus on the everyday challenges that loved ones face when they are close to an addict.

Our program provides ample opportunities for clients to integrate their relapse prevention and recovery methods into real world experiences through outings and field trips as well as various social activities. Addiction treatment is delivered by an experienced treatment team that consists of medical professionals, psychologists and psychiatrists, and licensed substance abuse specialists. A low staff to client ratio allows for more one-on-one contact, improved retention rates and reduced relapse risks for our clients upon completing a 90 day treatment program.

We are invested in the successful recovery of our clients and work hard to ensure that each patient reaches his or her recovery goals through counseling, therapy, medical care and psychological support. Following completion of a 90 day treatment program, patients are encouraged to continue outpatient therapy and follow-up care for optimal success in recovery.

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