Norwich, CT Addiction Treatment & Rehab Program

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With the combination of medication and behavioral therapy, Norwich, CT Addiction Treatment & Rehab Program can help you out from under the shadow of your addiction and back into the light. As a pillar of the community for nearly 10 years, our facility hopes to engage patients and protect them from some of the issues that follow treatment and recovery, including:

  • Dropout from treatment
  • Relapse
  • Overdose
  • Isolation following treatment

Patients who attend our facility are asked to do so for a minimum of 30 days but are encouraged to stay for 90 or more. Therapy sessions focus on the behavior patients should exhibit when faced with a potentially volatile situation outside of treatment that could result in relapse or overdose. Medications are also prescribed which reduces both cravings and withdrawal symptoms during treatment, both strong factors in potential relapse and overdose situations. And, finally, we encourage patient interaction in group sessions in the hopes that individuals in our facility will meet others who share their experiences and may be able to make a friend for life.

While these treatments and motivations have been a part of our program for a very long time, they have been scientifically acknowledged as being beneficial for other patients who have fought back against their addictions. We know the road ahead will not be easy, but we believe that with treatment, motivation, friendliness, and care, we can help patients discover their needs and their best possible recovery. Allow us at Norwich, CT Addiction Treatment and Rehab Program to give you the tools to recover from your addiction.

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