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Addiction recovery can be a very difficult time in a person's life. At Stamford, CT Addiction Treatment & Rehab Program, we hope to help you through this time and get you to a point where you can rediscover the wonderful feeling of a life free from addiction.

We have been a trusted part of the community for over ten years where our facility has been a haven for patients who are looking to achieve mindfulness over their own habits. Addiction does not always have to focus on drugs or other illicit substances. Gambling, shopping, and eating can all become forms of addiction for which a person may need to seek help. If a habit in your life has begun to take over all other aspects of it and you feel as if you've lost control, we can help.

We provide a treatment program that combines medication with behavioral therapy in order to reduce cravings and anxieties, help patients learn new and better coping habits, and get to the source of the addiction problem. Many patients discover that their addictions are actually deeply rooted in other mental disorders, such as depression. While providing care for these disorders, we help patients learn how to manage them as well.

By just visiting our facility, you are taking a positive step toward your own eventual recovery from addiction. And attending treatment with us for the proper amount of time will give you the outlook, the tools, and the strength to fight your own addiction every day.

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